Statistics with Stata

A 3-Day Remote Seminar Taught by Stephen Vaisey, Ph.D.

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This seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to Stata software, covering Stata’s data management, graphics, data analysis, and statistical modeling capabilities. You will develop facility with Stata’s data manipulation commands, its wide array of graphical tools for exploring data, and the implementation of frequently used statistical tests and regression models.

You will learn how to use Stata to perform continuous and categorical data comparisons and regression analysis, including linear and logistic regression. The seminar will teach you how to interpret and customize Stata’s numerical and graphical output and how to incorporate these results directly into research reports. By the end of the seminar, you will have gained the ability to confidently use Stata to organize and analyze data.

Starting March 4, we are offering this seminar as a 3-day synchronous*, remote workshop for the first time. Each day will consist of a 4-hour live lecture held via the free video-conferencing software Zoom. You are encouraged to join the lecture live, but will have the opportunity to view the recorded session later in the day if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

Each lecture session will conclude with a hands-on exercise reviewing the content covered, to be completed on your own. An additional lab session will be held Thursday and Friday afternoons, where you can review the exercise results with the instructor and ask any questions.

*We understand that scheduling is difficult during this unpredictable time. If you prefer, you may take all or part of the course asynchronously. The video recordings will be made available within 24 hours of each session and will be accessible for two weeks after the seminar, meaning that you will get all of the class content and discussions even if you cannot participate synchronously. 

More Details About the Course Content

With its user-friendly interface and strong analytical and graphical abilities, Stata is the preferred statistical analysis tool for large numbers of data analysts in economics, statistics, sociology, education, and biomedicine, as well as in the business domains of finance, consulting, investment management, and marketing.

Stata is extremely powerful but also easy to learn. Its amazing help files and fully integrated manuals system really set Stata apart. After achieving a basic familiarity with the syntax and interface, Stata can be learned much more quickly than its competitors.

A large community of Stata users also provides a rich network of support as well as thousands of helpful add-on commands that can dramatically extend the software’s capabilities. Overall, Stata is extremely versatile software that is a valuable addition to any analyst’s toolbox.


This remote seminar is held via Zoom, a free video conferencing application. Instructions for joining a session via Zoom are available here. Before the seminar begins, you will receive an email with the meeting code and password you must use to join.

You are encouraged to use a computer with Stata installed. Stata 16 is the most current version, but Stata 14 and 15 will work just as well for the vast majority of the course content.

Seminar participants who are not yet ready to purchase Stata could take advantage of StataCorp’s free 30-day evaluation offer or their 30-day software return policy.

Who Should Register?

The course will benefit researchers, analysts, and students interested in identifying and mastering a statistical software package. Current users of alternative software packages (e.g., SAS, R, SPSS) who are interested in extending your arsenal of statistical software tools to include Stata will also find it particularly useful. The seminar generally will appeal to those who seek an accelerated and in-depth introduction to a powerful, popular, and flexible statistical software package.

The course will focus on developing mastery of software rather than on teaching statistics. Hence, familiarity with statistical concepts at the first-year undergraduate level, including topics such as basic probability distributions, hypothesis testing, t-tests, chi-square tests, and OLS regression will be assumed. While prior exposure to statistical software may be useful, no prior experience with Stata or any other statistical package is required.


  1. Stata orientation
  2. Managing data
  3. Summary statistics, tables, and graphs
  4. Comparing continuous and categorical data
  5. Correlation and linear regression
  6. Logistic regression
  7. Advanced topics and next steps

Reviews of Statistics with Stata

“What’s great about this course is that the instructor is not only very knowledgeable about the subject but also that he presents in a fun and stimulating manner. Not only did I learn a lot in the two days, but the instructor provided me with tools to continue my learnings after I leave the course. I would take another course with Statistical Horizons.”
Jose Aveldanes, University of South Carolina, Columbia

“I was somewhat familiar with SPSS and had the option of using either SPSS or STATA for a new job. Since my SPSS was a little rusty, I decided to learn STATA so I’d know both. The company uses STATA so it was a good opportunity for me to add this to my skillset. The course provides a fantastic overview of all the capabilities of STATA.”
 Lauren Bruce, Drexel school of Public Health

“I had all my undergrad statistics classes taught by people who were unexcited by the subject matter or were unable to communicate effectively with me to solve my problems. At Statistical Horizons, the teachers have a wealth of knowledge and are truly energetic and are excited at the prospect to teach you anything you need to learn.”
Kevin Johnson

Seminar information

Thursday, March 4, 2021 –
Saturday, March 6, 2021

Each day will follow this schedule:

10:00am-2:00pm ET: Live lecture via Zoom

4:00pm-5:00pm ET: Live lab session via Zoom (Thursday and Friday only)

Payment Information

The fee of $895 includes all course materials.

PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

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