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Coding has become a necessary skill for today’s researchers to collect, organize, analyze, visualize, and communicate their data. Yet most of us are never trained in these vital skills. At Code Horizons, we help you learn the coding skills you need to take your work to the next level.

Data Cleaning

June 13-16, 2023

This seminar will provide a framework for approaching cleaning your data that will guide the order in which steps should be completed and assist with some trickier issues, like identifying anomalous, vague, or missing data.

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Statistics With R

June 20-23, 2023

This seminar is designed as an introduction to R for those who are looking to use R for applied statistical tasks.

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Sentiment Analysis

July 18-21, 2023

This course will introduce you to ‘sentiment analysis’ by first offering several examples of how these methods have been used in research and business contexts and how they differ from other text analysis methods.

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Data Visualization Using Stata

August 1-4, 2023

This seminar will teach you to use Stata to create effective and attractive data visualizations.

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Statistical coding courses from top instructors

Code Horizons coding instructors are recognized experts in their fields of study. They have each published extensively and have many years of experience in research and coding. Most importantly, they are demonstrably excellent instructors with the skills to present coding methods in an efficient, stimulating, and easy-to-follow manner to participants from all disciplines and backgrounds.

Learn R, Python and data science online

Code Horizons will help you learn the coding skills necessary to collect, organize, analyze, visualize, and communicate data through our online coding courses. Our short seminars are designed to provide straightforward and thorough instruction, and cover a variety of essential coding topics, such as Workflow of Data Analysis, Statistics with R, and Python for Data Analysis.

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New Seminar

Sentiment Analysis

Join Marcus Mann on July 18-21 to learn how sentiment analysis can be used to measure emotion in text and how to prepare, process, and incorporate results into your own research.

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New Blog Post

Sub-setting Qualitative Data for Machine Learning or Export

Corey M. Abramson discusses ‘sets’ for analyzing qualitative data, including what sets are, how they can be used, and examples of how to sub-set data in Atlas.ti.

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Get Started with R and RStudio!

Steve Vaisey, Director of Code Horizons, takes you through installing R and RStudio, as well as using basic functions, in this hour-long video.

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