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Coding has become a necessary skill for today’s researchers to collect, organize, analyze, visualize, and communicate their data. Yet most of us are never trained in these vital skills. At Code Horizons, we help you learn the skills you need to take your work to the next level.

Qualitative Data Analysis using ATLAS.ti – Remote

August 17-20, 2021

This workshop will provide both a conceptual background and practical experience in computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDA) using ATLAS.ti.

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Statistics With R

August 24-27, 2021

This course is designed as an introduction to R for those who are looking to use R for applied statistical tasks.

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Data Wrangling with R

September 23-25, 2021

This course will teach you the logic and implicit “flow of action” behind the tidyverse’s tools, giving you the ability to apply and extend this way of thinking when working with your own data and its particular challenges.

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GitHub for Data Analysis

September 30-October 2, 2021

This seminar will familiarize you with using git through GitHub and demonstrate how to integrate GitHub into a research workflow.

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Code Horizons instructors are recognized experts in their fields of study. They have each published extensively, and have many years of experience in research and coding. Most importantly, they are demonstrably excellent instructors with the skills to present coding methods in an efficient, stimulating, and easy-to-follow manner to participants from all disciplines and backgrounds.

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Blog Post

An Update on The MatchIt Package in R

A guest post by Noah Greifer, developer of WeightIt and cobalt, which introduces some of the exciting new features in the recently overhauled workhorse MatchIt package for matching in R.

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One of our senior instructors would be happy to talk with you (by email or phone) about finding the best fit for your background, interests and needs. Email to set up your recommendation session.

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New Seminar

Introducing GitHub for Data Analysis

Learn to use git, a free, open-source distributed version control system, through GitHub and how to integrate GitHub into a research workflow. You’ll get hands-on experience with how to create and manage your own remote repositories.

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Coming Soon

Several new Code Horizons courses in the works.

Including Collaboration and Reproducible Reports using R & GitHub, Programming Surveys in Qualtrics, Intermediate R Programming, and Data Management with SQL.

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