Coding Seminars

We provide short seminars that cover a variety of coding techniques, which have become an essential element of research productivity in science and industry.

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Public Seminars & Onsite Training

Code Horizons offers public livestream courses and provides on-site seminars, training, and consulting services. We provide participants and clients with a solid understanding of coding methods.

Public Seminars

Code Horizons offers short seminars on a variety of important and timely coding topics. Each course features small group sizes, top-notch expert instructors, and extensive hands-on practice. Participants will use their own laptop computers, pre-loaded with relevant software and datasets provided prior to the beginning of the seminar.

Our upcoming seminars are listed below. Just click on the course titles for detailed information and registration. Please check back periodically for updates. All courses are livestreamed via Zoom. Video recordings of the sessions will be available to participants for an additional four weeks after the end of the seminar.


Interpreting and Communicating Statistical Results with R

June 18-21, 2024

Check out Dr. Arel-Bundock’s blog post, where he describes using the marginaleffects package for R to analyze a 2×2 factorial design. This seminar is designed to help you tackle the challenges of understanding and conveying complex statistical results. Coefficient estimates...

Instructor: Vincent Arel-Bundock

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Introduction to Python for Data Analysis

June 25-28, 2024

NOTE: this course is designed for those who have no previous experience with Python. If you are looking to learn more advanced methods, join Dr. Dalmaijer for Unsupervised Statistical Learning Using Python on August 12-13 to discover how to use the...

Instructor: Edwin Dalmaijer

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Workflow of Data Analysis

July 9-12, 2024

Data management and analysis are difficult. Without a structured and systematic way to approach these processes, they are even harder. Additionally, scientific advancements and research progress depend on replication and reproducibility. Since there are dozens of decisions that go into...

Instructor: Bianca Manago

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Data Visualization Using Stata

July 23-26, 2024

Understanding data and effectively presenting model results are challenges that data analysts face almost every day. There is seldom a more effective solution than a well thought out visualization. Problems in the data are easily identified; complex effects are quickly...

Instructor: Trenton Mize

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Data Wrangling with R

July 30-August 2, 2024

R is a free and open-source package for statistical analysis that is widely used in the social, health, physical, and computational sciences. R is powerful, flexible, and has excellent graphics capabilities. It also has a large and rapidly growing community...

Instructor: Kieran Healy

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Using Large Language Transformer Models for Research in R

August 6-8, 2024

This seminar will introduce you to basic techniques to convert unstructured text data to structured data in R. As a necessary precursor to large language transformer models (LLMs), the course will also cover word embeddings and their use, and you...

Instructor: Hudson Golino & Alexander Christensen

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Unsupervised Statistical Learning Using Python

August 12-13, 2024

This course is designed for those who have previous experience using Python. If you are looking to learn Python basics, join Dr. Dalmaijer for Introduction to Python for Data Analysis on June 25-28. Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is open-source,...

Instructor: Edwin Dalmaijer

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R for Stata Users

August 21-22, 2024

R is a free and open-source package for statistical analysis that is widely used in the social, health, physical, and computational sciences. While many excellent analysis packages exist, researchers gravitate to R because it is powerful, flexible, has excellent graphics...

Instructor: Andrew Miles

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Data Analysis With ChatGPT: Promise and Pitfalls

August 27-28, 2024

One of ChatGPT’s newest abilities is its Advanced Data Analysis mode. This allows users to work interactively with ChatGPT to analyze their own data in Python without knowing any Python code themselves. In this mode, users can upload their own...

Instructor: Stephen Vaisey

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Data Visualization Using R

October 17-19, 2024

The effective use of graphs and charts is an important way to explore data for yourself and to communicate your ideas and results to others. Being able to produce effective plots from data is also the best way to develop...

Instructor: Kieran Healy

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My First R Package

December 5-6, 2024

Writing R packages is the perfect way to level up your programming skills while unlocking many benefits. Doing so can enhance your productivity by reducing the need to rewrite similar code over and over. R packages improve the portability, replicability,...

Instructor: Vincent Arel-Bundock

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