Analyzing Experiments Using the marginaleffects Package for R

Instructor Vincent Arel-Bundock describes using the marginaleffects package for R to analyze a 2×2 factorial design.

Sub-setting Qualitative Data for Machine Learning or Export

Corey M. Abramson discusses 'sets' for analyzing qualitative data, including what sets are, how they can be used, and examples of how to sub-set data in Atlas.ti.

Qualitative Coding Simplified

Code Horizons instructor Corey M. Abramson discusses how qualitative coding can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance researchers' data and help make sense of texts.

Making Your First GitHub R Project

Code Horizons instructor Aaron Gullickson explains how to get started with git and GitHub using RStudio.
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An Update on The MatchIt Package in R

A guest post by Noah Greifer, developer of WeightIt and cobalt, which introduces some of the exciting new features in the recently overhauled workhorse MatchIt package for matching in R.